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Amélia Marques

Amélia specializes in international law and international trade law. She also developed a significant experience in food, cosmetics and consumer goods regulation, as well as public law.

She regularly advises Moroccan and foreign companies on matters relating to regulations applicable to the manufacture and sale of their products, as well as consumer law.

Prior to joining Afrique Advisors, she practised for two years in a French law firm specialising in business law and product regulation applicable to four sectors: food, health and beauty, consumer goods and chemicals.

She has experience as a legal advisor in a Moroccan law firm and in the legal department of a Moroccan multinational company.

Amélia graduated from Paris Bar School. She also earned Masters Degrees in International Trade Law, as well as International Law and International organizations from the Universities Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne and Paris Ouest Nanterre. She also received a Degree in Public Law from University of Paris-Descartes.  

She speaks French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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